WholesalersNames of ClientsTelephone numberslocations
1Kuol Bol Awiir0914359678Konyo konyo
2Rhoda Achol0920107645Shirkhat Market
3Nalumanya Brenda0925864573Gudele Market
4Grace Abalo0922302974Jebel Market

1Ranok Hotel0920110446Juba Town
2Majestic Hotel0924731000Juba Town
3Mama Anai Hotel0911691537Juba Town

1Arop Petero0915133457High Land
2Makuei Benjamin0923887923Block 4
3Kepo James0924366772Gumbo
4Akangi Damian0920397551Jubadit
Customer segmentTypes of producePrice set up €Remarks
1WholesalersTomatoes per Kg2.8Buy at farm gate price
Collards/ Kale keeper Per Kg1.5
2Restaurants & HotelsTomatoes per Kg3Purchases small quantities on daily basis
Collards/ Kale keeper Per Kg1.5
3RetailersTomatoes per Kg3
Collards/ Kale keeper Per Kg1.5


Mr. Ajak Ateny and Kur Paul based at Leudier (Both are skilled agriculturalists)

Mr. Majur Chuti of Doupkupur farm located in Wunchuei

Mr. Mutyaba Rodgers- Fresh vegetable importer from Uganda

Their prices:

Tomatoes 3-4 € per kg

Collards 1.7-2 € per kg

Their products and product quality:

The farmers within Bor Town normally use OPVs seeds such as Money makers and CalJ and thus the yield is very poor and sizes of fruits are not uniform and mostly prone to disease and pest infestation.

The importers from Uganda do supply good quality produce with long self-life while they don’t put more interest on pesticides and fungicides usage since they don’t follow the self-life of the drugs before harvesting for the market thus endangering the health of consumers.

Competitors’ Customer Service:

  • Lack after sale services, for example some consumers lacks skills in regards to preparing vegetables such as collards and Spinach.
  • Timely delivery to guest houses and hotels is lacking

Positives or Negatives about their company / products:

International traders are determined and willing to adapt to the new market trend but only do experience language barriers while the local farmers do produce poor quality produce due to usage of poor-quality inputs hence resulting to less income and low customer retention ability.