My profile

Duot John is a co-founder of Agrite Holding Company Limited, focusing on agribusiness development, extension services, and vegetable production. I’m highly experienced professional with a background in agricultural extension, agribusiness consulting, and food security. I hold a Master’s degree in Management of Development – Food and Nutrition Security. I have worked with various organizations in South Sudan and Uganda contributing to sustainable agriculture, entrepreneurship skills training, and rural development. I have expertise in facilitating communication between farmers and intermediaries, providing agricultural consultations, organizing trainings, and promoting new farming methods. I’m also experienced as an inspector of agriculture, ensuring compliance with regulations and conducting environmental tests. Furthermore, I have worked as an agricultural agronomy officer and food security and livelihood agriculture officer, overseeing the implementation of FSL programs and improving accessibility and availability of food. Additionally, I have teaching experience in biology and agriculture.

Having been inspired by the looming opportunities in Bor town more especially in the agribusiness sector and coupled with the rich agricultural background, I who did sustainable agriculture and extension at the University thought wise of engaging productively in agriculture. I first generated two ideas based on skill sets and passion to excel through them. The first idea enlisted in the business idea form was Poultry farming and it was the reason why the idea was selected among the many to benefit from SPARK BST opportunity. Unfortunately, due to the COVID 19 pandemic in 2020, all the applicants were not accorded the BST opportunities due to the strict regulations that doesn’t allow gathering of people at time instead we were accorded interview session in which my business idea won the attention of the panellists and was seconded for coaching opportunities immediately. As a young business man with prospect for the future, I quickly realized that Poultry production wasn’t the best opportunity for me to delve into given that most of the value chain actors within the sector were not active or even not available, and hence this became clear that failure is inevitable.


Master’s in Management of Development – Food and Nutrition Security, Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences, Velp Netherlands

Bachelor of Sustainable Agriculture and Extension, Ndejje University Kampala Uganda

Diploma in Sustainable Agriculture and Extension, Ndejje University Kampala Uganda


  • Agricultural extension and consultation
  • Agribusiness consulting
  • Food security and livelihood programs
  • Entrepreneurship skills training
  • Sustainable agriculture practices
  • Farm management and planning