Figure 5 Agrite farm 2021

Brief history:

Having reviewed the options and plans we had at hand, we finally decided on horticultural production for the start that will address the market need and as well generate income for the business. In late 2021, we established the farm along the Nile but due to flooding caused by the Nile River bursting its banks, we lost the farm and hence we moved to a different location but still along the Nile but this time was a bit on higher ground. In 2021 a new farm was set up and we planted cereals like maize, sorghum and some Jews mallow. It was a success then in the second circle, we planted tomatoes, onions, kales, okra and jews mallow but our production never materialized due to destruction by domestic animals like cows and goats. The fence we had that was protecting our farm was spoiled and the animals got into the farm and destroyed everything.

Figure 6 Agrite farm 2021

Production Plan

The plan is to start with one (1) feddan and scale up with time. Production will be year in year out as it will be coupled with irrigation. Producing about 4200Kgs and 4450Kgs of tomatoes, and collard respectively on ½ Feddan (0,5?? hectare) of land each. Two cycles of production are earmarked for each of crops crop, in that ½ Feddan for each crop will be used in the first cycle and the same sequence will follow the second cycle. The cycles are as below; June – September, June to August, and June to October for tomatoes, collards and onions respectively (First cycle) then the second cycle starts. Crop rotation, irrigation and , mulching is at the core of our farming practice as this will break disease and pest cycles and improve on water retention capacity of the soil.

Figure 7 Agrite farm 2021

In-organic farming while considering the health aspect is what we at Agrite intend to employ as this will improve yield per unit area and ensure we supply the market with rightful quantity and quality consistently.

Figure 8 Agrite farm 2021

Figure 9 Farm looking good after the above investments

Figure 10 Improved production and plants looking healthy